Create, design, furnish and decorate easily

With Home Design 3D VR, designing and remodeling your house in VR has never been so quick and intuitive!

  • 1 • Design your floorplan

    In Architect mode, choose the height of the walls, draw your plot, rooms, dividers...

  • 2 • Furnish and decorate

    Make your choice from over a thousand pieces of furniture and accessories, customize your decoration and express your style.

  • 3 • Visualize and visit your creation

    Visit your project and VR and use mixed reality to project yourself in your redecorated interior!

  • 4 • Invite and share

    Share your ideas and design with friends in multi-user sessions (up to 5 simultaneous users online)


Find out what our users think of Home Design 3D!


Super program !

A simple way to lay out a house, then get inside of it. It only takes a few minutes to see how things work. They give you a ton of furnishings and wall and floor finishes and you can probably get even more. I love it! Naturally there are a few things that might be better. I'm sure there will be improvements and I'll gladly buy it again if necessary! 


Great VR application !

Excellent app, it's like sketchup in VR, easy to use. Very immersive, even the menu.

This app is great, I love it and I really want to support you the team to continue this great work. Keep it up ! 


Love the app !

I bought it for me and my grand. I love the game. I love the fact that we can sit in chairs and beds, sometimes the bed is solid when I sit on it, other times it’s just the outline. If everything can be solid when sitting on it, would give it the realistic feeling of sitting on actual furniture. If instruments could be incorporated that would be great !