Date of entry into force: March 26, 2013

Last amendment: January 31st 2024

This Privacy Policy sets out MICROIDS commitments for the protection of the personal data of users of the "Home Design 3D VR" App (hereinafter referred to as the "App"). The Privacy Policy informs you about the process of collection and usage of your personal data and options you may enjoy in this respect. MICROIDS may modified at any time the Privacy Policy, according to any changes or additions carried out, particularly in order to comply with any regulatory, jurisprudential, editorial and/or technical evolution. Prior to browsing, it is advised that you refer to the latest version of the Privacy Policy accessible from the MICROIDS App.

By using the MICROIDS App, you accept the MICROIDS Privacy Policy. By signing up, you agree that MICROIDS may process your data in accordance with the Privacy Policy below and you agree to comply with the MICROIDS Terms of Use.

In the case of amendment to our Privacy Policy, amendments will be published in the present Privacy Policy so that you know what information we collect, how we use it and, if necessary, under which conditions we reveal or communicate it. We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time; therefore we recommend that you consult it regularly. Continuing to use our App shall be understood as acceptance of the amendments made to our Privacy Policy.

The present privacy policy will inform you about the following aspects:

  1. What is personal data and when is it collected by MICROIDS?

  2. How does the MICROIDS Company collect data?

  3. Data provided to MICROIDS by third parties.

  4. What happens to data collected by MICROIDS?

  5. Where is the data kept?

  6. Verification and correction of data concerning you, mailing list opt-out requests and deactivation of your accounts.

  7. A Special Note About Children

  8. What does MICROIDS do to protect your personal data?

  9. Public data, including user-generated content, online forums, blogs and profiles

  10. Third party websites.

  11. Who can I contact?

  12. Dispute settlement.

1/ What is personal data and when is it collected by MICROIDS?

MICROIDS collects personal data as well as non-personal data about their users. The present article concerns personal data collected by MICROIDS.

Personal data is defined by the French Informatique et Libertés (Computer and Freedom) law, dated January 6, 1978 and by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as: “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person; an identifiable person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identification number or to one or more factors specific to his or her identity”. Therefore, it is information that can be used to identify you, and which can be used on its own to contact you, online or offline, for the purposes described below.

MICROIDS is liable to collect personal data from its users of the App during the following activities:

  • Customer service and/or technical assistance help requests;

  • Player meetings and online cooperation;

  • Creation of a personal profile;

  • Access to our applications and/or services on social networks or other external services (Facebook Connect etc.) and;

  • All other use of our software or our online or mobile services when personal data is required to use them and/or participate in them.

The information collected varies according to the activity concerned and may include your name, e-mail address, telephone number, home address, date of birth, mobile telephone number and details relating to your credit card.

Users of the App may be asked to provide the name of their mobile telephone operator and to indicate the mobile telephone model they use, as well as a valid mobile telephone number, so that we can send purchase instructions directly to their mobile telephone. In this context, your mobile telephone number will only be used to send you a text message containing a link to download the App, and will not be kept for any other purpose. Prize winners may be asked to provide their social security number or other identification numbers for tax reasons. These details will be used exclusively for awarding the prizes.

2/ How does the MICROIDS Company collect data?

MICROIDS collects personal or non-personal data when you provide it voluntarily as part of the activities offered on the App, for example your mobile purchases, registration to games or commercial surveys from the App. Additionally, MICROIDS, as well as third parties, uses cookies and other technologies to collect non-personal demographic data passively, to personalize content we offer users on the App and to guarantee the monitoring of advertising and other activities described below. Using collected data, we can also work out other elements, such as determining the applicable tax rate according to your IP address.

Audience and performance analysis tools and other technologies

MICROIDS uses third-party analytics technologies to collect data when you use our App.

These tools and technologies use server log files, web beacons, cookies, tracking pixels and other technologies to collect and analyze certain types of information, including cookies, IP addresses (including for the purpose of determining your approximate geographic location), mobile or other device IDs, browser type, browser language, information transmitted from your browser (if any), referring sites and exit pages, URLs (Universal Resource Locators), platform type, click-through patterns, information about your media, devices, software and/or applications installed on your computer and/or device, domain names and types, landing pages, pages viewed and the order of those pages, conversion rates, time spent on particular pages and date, other site and Internet usage information, game progress and date and time of activity on our sites or games, information about how our game is used, including game metrics and statistics, feature usage and purchase history, as well as unique hardware identifiers such as MAC address, unique device ID of your mobile device (if applicable) and other similar information.

External audience analysis companies that collect information on our App may combine the data they collect with other data they have independently collected from other applications related to your activities on their network or linked to their applications. Many of these companies collect and use this data in accordance with their own privacy policies.

3/ Data provided to MICROIDS by third parties.

MICROIDS also obtains personal or non-personal data from the third parties mentioned below. MICROIDS only uses this data for requirements that comply with the present policy.

MICROIDS sometimes receives other data transmitted by third parties, in particular regarding the exploitation and distribution of the App, or as part of market research and other demographic studies, which we use to complete the personal and anonymous data that we have collected or that you have provided us with directly. Certain external services, such as Twitter and Facebook, may also provide us with information about the accounts you hold with them, with your permission.

By using the App through a social network or other platform or external service, or by connecting to such a network, platform or service via the App, it is understood that you authorize MICROIDS to collect, store and use, in line with the present Privacy Policy, any information that, according to your settings on the social network or the external platform, you have authorized to be communicated to MICROIDS via the App Programming Interface, or API, of the social network/external platform in question. It is understood that you give your agreement when you connect to the network, platform or external service via our applications and/or services, and/or when you connect to, “accept” or “authorize” (or other similar terms) the App via a social network or other external platform or service.

MICROIDS may also collect or receive data about you from other MICROIDS users who choose to upload their e-mail contacts and other contacts. We keep and use this data first and foremost to help you and connect you to your friends.

MICROIDS may also receive data, either non-personal or public, from third parties, as part of market research or demographic studies and/or other data, that we use to complete personal data that you have provided us with directly.

4/ What happens to data collected by MICROIDS?

a. How MICROIDS uses data concerning you

MICROIDS uses data concerning you to be able to reply to your specific requests, to fulfill orders that you have placed and to send you order confirmations and other information relating to your account. In addition, the personal data that you provide us with will allow us to send you messages informing you about new product releases, new features and improvements, special offers, upgrade possibilities or competitions and events that may interest you, for example.

You may also choose not to receive or to stop receiving any of this e-mail communication by informing us at the following e-mail address or by postal letter to MICROIDS – Service Client MICROIDS – 57 Rue Gaston Tessier, CS 50061, 75166 Paris Cedex 19 FRANCE.

MICROIDS also uses personal and non-personal data, alone or combined with other data, to improve your user experience, to improve the App, to understand customer behavior and preferences better, to solve technical problems, to place advertising, to carry out authentications, to make sure that its use conditions are being respected and to guarantee the correcting functioning of its applications and services, and improve them. Moreover, we combine non-personal data with personal data such as your e-mail address, notably in order to provide excellent customer service, co-ordinate loyalty programs and personalize our communication, offers, web pages and/or the experience of using the App.

When you use friend search tools such as Facebook, Game Center or other external services in our App, it is understood that you recognize that using these friend search tools will help you to find contacts and will also allow your contacts to associate your account (as well as the associated game rights, including the games you have played on PC, mobile devices or consoles) with your profile on the social network and/or your e-mail address.

If you choose to use our recommendation service to "Recommend to a Friend" the MICROIDS App, we will ask you for the name and e-mail address of this friend. We will send your friend an e-mail on your behalf inviting him to visit the site or to discover the App. MICROIDS only keeps your friend’s name and e-mail address for a short amount of time and only with a view to sending him this e-mail and avoiding doubles, that is, to make sure that your friend does not receive several copies of the same message. We do not keep, nor use, this information for any other motive.

Finally, your participation in online tournaments or other events linked to an App is also subject to your accepting that we collect, use, store, transmit and display statistical data generated by your participation publically (your scores, rankings and achievements, for example).

b. Does MICROIDS share data about me with third parties?

MICROIDS will never share personal data about you with third parties without your consent. However, we may share data that does not allow you to be identified personally, that is, general and/or public data, with third parties. In certain circumstances, it may be you who is sharing your data.

You may choose to allow MICROIDS to share personal data about you with companies and organizations that propose applications and services that may, in MICROIDS opinion, interest you. To stop receiving communication from a commercial partner or sponsor with whom we have shared data about you, you must contact the company in question directly.

MICROIDS does not communicate personal data concerning children or adolescents under 18 years old registered on the App to third parties, and does not share, nor communicate, personal data in any other way than that prescribed in the present privacy policy.

MICROIDS may use external service providers to collect personal data for its account with a view to providing e-mail sending services, product management services, giveaways or promotional operations, competition administration services, credit card payment processing services, dispatch services or other services on the App. When you use these services, you may be required to provide your name, your postal address, your telephone number and your e-mail address to our service providers. We ask certain external service providers, such as credit unions, audience analysis or market research companies, to complete the personal data that you provide us with as part of our own commercial surveys and demographic studies, in order to constantly improve our App and the associated advertising and thus meet our visitors’ needs and preferences more efficiently. In order to hone our understanding of different customers, we link this information to the personal data that you provide us with.

When our agents or external service providers collect and/or have access to data other than non-personal, anonymous and/or global data, MICROIDS asks them to use this data in line with our privacy policies. These third parties are not permitted to use personal data about you for any other motive without your explicit permission.

When a third party, other than one of our agents or service providers, is looking to collect personal data about you, you will be informed of this beforehand to allow you to make an informed decision whether to share data with this third party or not.

We may also access personal data, in particular personal communication, and communicate this as part of the reporting of illegal content functions prescribed by our App, to make sure any rights are being respected and apply the law, or to comply with an instruction given by a public body or any other competent authority, or if we have reason to believe that information should be revealed to deal with prejudices, obstacles to our rights, potential or real attacks to our heritage or to our activities, or situations where users or other people risk being hurt or becoming the subject of prejudice or damage, or when we think that this revelation is necessary to protect our rights, fight against fraud and/or to respect a judicial procedure, court ruling or procedural act reported to us. You will note that certain publically available information that you publish and communicate on our App, or on third party sites and services, is public information and as such, will not come under the protection applied to personal data.

For more information on your rights concerning data that you share publicly on the MICROIDS App or with third parties (including data within user-generated content, forums, blogs and profiles), please see part 8 of the present privacy policy entitled “Public data”.

5/ Where is the data kept?

MICROIDS is a French company and the majority of the computer systems where it gathers, stores and uses data that it collects or receives, are in France. We may also use storage centers situated abroad.

Personal data about you may be transferred, used, processed or held by MICROIDS in France and in other countries, including countries other than your country of residence, whether that should be in the European Union, in Asia, or elsewhere, and used for the requirements presented in the present privacy policy.

6/ Verification and correction of data concerning you, mailing list opt-out requests and deactivation of your accounts.

In accordance with French law n° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978, as amended by the Computing and Freedom Law n° 2004-801 dated August 6, 2004, and with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) subject to you proving your identity, you have the right to request that any personal information concerning you be rectified, completed, updated, blocked or deleted if this data is incorrect, incomplete, ambiguous or outdated or if the collection, use, communication or conservation of this data is not permitted.

You also hold the right to oppose, with legitimate reasons, the processing of personal data concerning you. Any opposition of this kind, however, will make it impossible for you to use the App.

If you have given MICROIDS access to your Facebook account details via the App, you may ask MICROIDS to delete your Facebook data by contacting MICROIDS customer service by e-mail or postal letter and specifying the Facebook application used. You will note that, once the data associated with a Facebook application is deleted, you will no longer have access to this application.

The User may exercise the rights stated in the present article by sending a postal letter accompanied by proof of identity to the following address: MICROIDS, Informatique et Libertés, 57 Rue Gaston Tessier, CS 50061, 75166 Paris Cedex 19 FRANCE.

7/ A Special Note About Children

The App is intended for the general audiences and does not knowingly collect personal data from children. When the App does collect age information and users themselves indicate that they are under 18, the App either prevents such users from providing personal data or ensures that parents consent to the collection, use and sharing of their children's personal data (name, email address, telephone number etc...). MICROIDS will not knowingly ask children under the age of 18 to provide more data than is reasonably necessary to access and use the App.

Parents can change or revoke the consent choices previously made, and review, edit or request the deletion of their children’s personal information by sending an email at the following address :

If we change this privacy statement in a way that expands the collection, use or disclosure of children’s personal information to which a parent has previously consented, the parent will be notified, and we will be required to obtain the parent’s additional consent.

We encourage you to talk with your children about communicating with strangers and disclosing personal information online.

Information collected is secured in a manner consistent with this Privacy Policy. If we change how we handle your child’s information, we will notify you in a manner consistent with this Policy. Under no circumstances do we condition a child’s participation in an activity—like contests—on the child’s disclosure of more personal information than is reasonably necessary to participate in the activity.

8/ What does MICROIDS do to protect your personal data?

MICROIDS knows how important it is to keep data concerning you under high-security protection. MICROIDS will therefore use commercially acceptable methods to protect your personal data and to guarantee the security of the App.

When you enter financially sensitive information (for example, information relating to your credit card) in our forms, the transmission of the corresponding information is encrypted via commercially reasonable verification methods.

However, no Internet transmission method, nor any electronic storage method, is 100% safe. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that data about you will not be consulted, divulged, modified or destroyed following violation of our physical, technical or managerial protection measures. Consequently, we decline all responsibility in the case of non-authorized access to our servers and systems.

9/ Public data, including user-generated content, online forums, blogs and profiles

You may choose to communicate data about you publically when you post user content on the App and/or on third party sites linked to the App. Data communicated on any one of these forums is not encrypted and is public, MICROIDS employees can have access to it and record it, and it is not covered by any confidentiality or personal data protection.

You should be aware that any data that allows you to be identified personally that you have submitted as part of these public activities may be read, collected or used by the other users of these forums and may be used to send unsolicited messages to you. We decline all responsibility concerning personal data that you choose to divulge voluntarily on the App.

If you publish a video, image or photo that is visible to everyone on our sites, you must own all the rights relating to this content and be aware that this media may be seen, collected, copied and/or used by other users without your permission. We decline all responsibility concerning content, videos, images or photos that you choose to post on MICROIDS App.

10/ Third party websites.

Our App may contain advertising or services containing links to other sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The presence of a link to a third party site on our pages of our App does not constitute in any way a guarantee or an authorization of the site in question, nor a statement of affiliation to the site in question.

If you click on a link to a third party site, including links contained in advertisements, you leave the App that you are consulting to go to the site in question. As we cannot control third party site activities, we decline all responsibility in the case of said third party sites’ use of personal data about you and we cannot guarantee that they adhere to the same practices as MICROIDS when it comes to confidentiality and security.

We encourage you to consult the privacy policies of all the other service providers you address. If you visit a third party Internet site that is attached by a link to the MICROIDS App, we recommend you consult this site’s privacy policy before providing any personal data.

11/ Who can I contact?

For any questions about your personal data, you can contact the Data Protection Officer appointed by Média Participation, the group to which MICROIDS belongs, who is entitled to know all the issues relating to the protection of personal data. You can contact them at the following address:

12/ Dispute settlement.

In the case of disputes concerning or involving the use of the App, you accept that the dispute in question will be governed by French law and French tribunals, independently of any conflict with other legal provisions.

Any complaint must be addressed beforehand by the User to our customer services, preferably by e-mail sent to, or by postal letter addressed to MICROIDS – Service Client MICROIDS – 57 Rue Gaston Tessier, CS 50061, 75166 Paris Cedex 19 FRANCE.

The present General Terms and Conditions are governed, interpreted and applied in accordance with French law, and should be interpreted in the French language version if the meaning of a term or provision in the present General Terms and Conditions is challenged.

The courts of competent jurisdiction are those based in the city of Paris.