AMBASSADOR TIME #5: How to build a basement?

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Today we are very happy to share AMBASSADOR TIME #5! 🎉🎊


As a reminder, Ambassador Time posts are tips, advice, speed-building videos and everything that our Ambassadors share with us.

These posts will take several forms according to what Ambassadors will share, but be sure that every post will help you in your creations with Home Design 3D.


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We thank our user JACK BOVONE for sharing with us his tip to create a basement in Home Design 3D. Check his profile on the Gallery and see his creations!

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Right below is the complete tutorial that explains it all, step by step:

How to create a basement?

1. Begin with drawing the basement floor plan

2. Place small windows near the top of the rooms

3. Build large rooms around your basement and change their walls height in order to make them slightly smaller than the ones of your basement

4. Use the grass texture (in Outdoor & nature section) on the walls and on top of the rooms surrounding the basement

5. Build the second floor above your basement

6. Use stairs and smaller room levels to create entry ways and patios

7. Now you have a home with a basement!

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