AMBASSADOR TIME #3: Custom Textures

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Today we are very glad to share AMBASSADOR TIME #3! 🎉🎊


As a reminder, Ambassador Time posts are tips, advice, speed-building videos and everything that our Ambassadors share with us.

These posts will take several forms according to what Ambassadors will share, but be sure that every post will help you in your creations with Home Design 3D.


We thank our user JESSICA CORBEIL for sharing with us her tips and recommandations to use custom textures in order to decor rooms in Home Design 3D. You will be able to find and save most of the textures she used in the following screenshots, but don’t hesitate to use you own! You can also check her profile on the Gallery and see her creations!

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Right below are the different examples of using custom textures:

How to use custom textures?

1. “Here I added imported textures in frames and carpet. These add several visual elements while bringing interesting tones and patterns.”

2. “For beautiful countertop and backsplash you can add marble and ceramic textures that fit together. This brings new trends to your kitchens!”

3. “Here wallpapers and fabrics are in the spotlight. I like to match several patterns that have the same nuances…”

4. “…in order to create color shades.” As you can see wallpapers can also be a brick texture!

5. “For carpets, it is easy to get a good-looking result. For this one, I simply matched her texture with the colors of the room.”

6. “I really likes to use this wooden floor in her project because it brings space to rooms.”

7. Finally, you shall not use patterns whose outlines cannot be repeated. You would obtain this kind of mosaic that would not enhance your interior decor… In order to avoid the mosaic pattern, you can use a frame like in this example.

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Enjoy and let us know if you use this tip! Share your best creations on our Gallery

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