UPDATE V.4.1.1

Dear users,

The new update V.4.1.1 is now available on iOS, Android, PC/Mac and it brings many big changes including a new feature!

3D Printing Color service:

As 3D printing technology is going more and more important in the interior design field, we notice that it is only accessible to a few. With this new Home Design 3D feature, this technology is now available to anyone, no need to have a 3D printer at home, or to contact a specialized company.

Create a project in Home Design 3D, click on the 3D Printer Icon, visualize the virtual 3D printed model of your project then choose a scale. Enter your info, validate your order and receive the model directly at home!

All our 3D printed models are made from high professional quality printers in full-color, thanks to the ColorJet Printing (CJP) technology. Before any printing, an operator/infographist checks the 3D model and adjusts it if necessary.

Other new changes:

  • +130 new objects, including new cars!
  • Help section improved: better pages, contents, video tutorials –> ‘?’ icon
  • Bug fixes
  • Addition of the ReplayKit iOS feature, that enables you to video record in the app!

The Home Design 3D Team

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