UPDATE V.4.0.7

Hello everyone,

Following the release of the V.4 on iOS (Free, Classic, Gold), here is a new update adding some features and correcting some issues in the app:

– Possibility to proportionally enlarge objects. Try the giant cat! 🐱
– When scaling objects, the rotate button appears.
– The compass is now available in 2D and 3D.
– Objects that needed to be placed on walls can now be placed freely with and without the snap. For example you can now place a cooker hood above your kitchen island.
– Confirmation message when you send screenshots to the gallery
– The suppression button is not hidden anymore
– The help section has been enriched with a “What’s New” section
– Plus several improvements that we invite you to discover 🙂

If you want to have these features, please do not hesitate to update Home Design 3D directly from you App store.

Coming soon for Android versions.


The Home Design 3D Team

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